Dr. Tim Hogan wears many hats. He is a writer, accomplished speaker and licensed psychologist who is joyfully committed to helping people discover and develop their unique passion for life. In addition to scholarly psychological publications, he has written in the area of spiritual direction, including How to Find the Help You Need, a guide to psychotherapy and spiritual direction (co-authored with Dr. Archibald Hart).


Tim’s journey began in Lincoln Park, Michigan, where he grew up with six older sisters and without a brother. He completed his undergraduate work at the “Roman Catholic Disneyland”, the University of Notre Dame. After several years in Michigan where he worked as a high school teacher and campus minister, Tim pursued graduate studies at the “Evangelical Disneyland”, the Graduate School of Psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary in California.


Tim began his work as a clinical psychologist at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan. While working directly with both survivors of trauma and children with diabetes, he began hunting for the secrets of successful families. How could tragedy transform some families into masters, while collapsing others into disasters?  Tim’s mission to answer this question landed with two unmistakable conclusions. First, marriage is the foundation of healthy families, and healthy families grow healthy kids. Second, healthy families live from a spiritual core.


Since then Tim has focused his energy on helping people create and sustain passionate marriages and healthy families, and helping parents cultivate healthy passion in their children. He frequently teaches in the area of human sexuality. He blends the insights of Christ-centered spirituality with his light-hearted sense of humor to teach proven strategies to discover, embrace, and redeem sexual passion.  


Tim currently lives in Plymouth, Michigan with his best friend and wife, Karen, and their three children. He enjoys snuggling and reading a good book with his daughters, fishing on the Charlevoix Pier with his son, and running with his Old English Sheepdog, Teddy.



Timothy F. Hogan, Psy.D. PLLC

(Practicing in Southeast Michigan)


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